very afraid we won’t be getting our annual september amy p cbb 

gonna need 50ccs of epub of updated live from new york stat

the biggest laughs my theater had for the grand budapest hotel came from the million ways to die in the west trailer

now that i have your attention is anyone interested in crowd sourcing my new film idea a million ways to diane wiest

thank you and goodnight forever

"the only identity she couldn’t thief was her own"

i should be working for movies and alerting movies to missed opportunities for great tags like that one for identity thief

having the treat yo self day of the century tomorrow

and by that i mean i’m going to see gravity alone in 3D imax

and then maybe i’m gonna buy some vegetarian lasagna later in the day

i have one real great plugs themes idea but neither have the talent or energy to manifest them into reality so i’ll have to wait until i achieve enough fame to appear on the show and then perform it live

here it is for free, its just an incredibly simplistic reworking of minnie riperton’s “loving you” in which the work love is substituted with the word plug. you’re welcome

i wanna 420 hummus beer grand theft auto

i will only accomplish one of those tomorrow

for the past three months i’ve been talking myself into going out to get an old fashioned donut and some jamba juice but then noon rolls around and who has the energy for that

i now identify as a netflix garbage person

i’ve started calling any and all people human garbage

good or bad everyone is human garbage

would you rather

be a contestant on jeopardy 

or the answer to a jeopardy question

i found 20 things in my closet i don’t want anymore

my work for the year is over see you in 2014

i had to wade through a surprising amount of middle aged white dudes to get at the half off jelly beans today

i’m brave

tshirt idea

instead of “this is what a feminist looks like”

"this is what a fan of myst looks like"

sell it to the 90s blogs

my work here is done

tv and films do not accurately portray the way people brush their teeth and i think we should be more mad about it